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Turn your travel into an adventure with Tailbox - your AI-powered travel companion. Explore and immerse in authentic experiences tailored to your needs.

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What We Do

The Ultimate Traveler's App

Tailbox brings together interactive maps, custom experiences, social meet-ups, and local knowledge in one user-friendly application for your travel adventures.

Hidden Stories

Uncover the world's untold tales with our traveler app. From forgotten legends to secret spots, explore the unseen side of every destination.

Personalized Journeys

Craft your perfect adventure with our personalized journeys feature. Tailored to your interests and preferences, discover unique experiences curated just for you.

AI Concierge

Experience seamless travel planning with our AI concierge. From booking events to suggesting activities, our smart assistant is here to make your journey effortless.

Travel community

Connect with fellow travelers from around the globe through our vibrant travel community. Share tips, swap stories, and forge friendships that span continents.

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Unique Journeys

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what we have

Wanderlust Wonderland: Where Will You Go Next?






How it works

Adventure Anywhere



Dive into a world of mesmerizing travel content, curated just for you. From breathtaking landscapes to thrilling adventures, discover endless inspiration for your next journey.



Let AI be your guide in crafting your personalized path! Our intelligent algorithms analyze your preferences and suggest tailored itineraries just for you. From off-the-beaten-path gems to iconic landmarks just for you.



Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of travel wonders, from stunning landscapes to cultural gems. Let our curated content ignite your wanderlust and inspire your next adventure. With Explore, the world is at your fingertips—where will your curiosity take you next?"


Immersive Stories

Unlock unique experiences with our curated collection of travel tales.



We make sure you have the best trip ever

Travel Quality

Very cool product, congrats! I always associate travelling with pure fun so seeing this put a smile on my face 😊 Can’t wait for my next trip abroad now.
Simona O'Neill

Fun Facts

I love how I can learn fun facts about the corners of each city in such an engaging manner! Kudos to the team👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Yong-Min Rhee


Very easy user friendly layout too. I also love that I could wake up in the morning and feel that tailbox would ha e me covered to give me a day of exploring tailored to the things I want and love best! 👍
Luke Trayte
Tailbox - AI Travel Companion | App Store

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