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Travel Companion

Travel Companion

Turn your travel into an adventure with Tailbox - your AI-powered travel companion. Explore and immerse in authentic experiences tailored to your needs.
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The Ultimate Traveler's App

The Ultimate Traveler's App

Tailbox brings together interactive maps, custom experiences, social meet-ups, and local knowledge in one user-friendly application for your travel adventures.

Hidden Stories

Personalized Journeys

AI Concierge

Travel community


Discover Hidden Gems

Enjoy the captivating stories all around you


Connect through stories

Engaging stories

Hear incredible stories around you, do not miss anything!


Personalized Journeys

Whether you're a history enthusiast, food connoisseur, or outdoor adventurer, your journey is curated just for you.

Embark on a journey that's uniquely yours


Join Our Travel Community

Connect with fellow explorers on Tailbox. Share stories, swap tips, and create lasting friendships. Our community is the perfect space to meet companions who share your wanderlust

Explore together, remember forever.

Adventure Anywhere with



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